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Do not send BNB to the token address!

Gain Protocol has an audited smart contract with liquidity that is locked forever.

See audit report.


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Toro Round B needs to be Finalized, before you can claim tokens or withdraw refunds!

About Gain Protocol

Cryptocurrencies are democratizing the world of finance. More than ever, peer-to-peer, trading, smart contracts and more are out of the hands of major financial institutions and into the hands of the average person. This transformational landscape is one that requires innovative tools and methodologies. Gain Protocol is here to maximize benefits with comprehensive strategies that actually work for the end user. Read the whitepaper to learn more about what this offering is, our seven protocols, basic fee structure and plans for distribution.

Toro BenefitsToro Benefits
  • After Toro round is concluded, price will gain up to 2X.
  • Buy with 0 fees.
  • Buy at a fixed, lower than market price - and no price impact!
Audited Smart ContractsAudited Smart Contracts

Audited by solidity finance, a top security audit firm. See audit report.

Everybody can buy, up to a limitEverybody can buy, up to a limit

Allowing everybody to get a fair chance

Locked LiquidityLocked Liquidity

GAIN PROTOCOL liquidity is 100% locked forever.

Safe ToroSafe Toro

Your tokens can be claimed automatically once the Toro round is concluded from this site

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